Godrej NXW AC comes with unique features to ensure maximum comfort for you.

Intelligent Air Throw (IAT) & User Defined Air Throw (UDAT)

In the Intelligent Air Throw Mode, the Godrej NXW AC senses the room temperature and automatically adjusts the air throw. This prevents concerns like dryness of skin and fatigue arising out of continuous high air throws from AC.

The UDAT enables the user to select the Air Throw from minimum to maximum as per preference in the cooling mode, with 5 customized levels, thus resulting in maximum comfort.

Regular AC cannot optimize air flow so area near the AC is bit too cold & area away from the AC bit too warm than the set temperature. This way no one is comfortable.

The Intelligent Air Throw technology in NXW AC optimizes air flow across the room ensuring uniform cooling across the room making everyone comfortable.


Once the ECO Mode is selected in Godrej NXW AC, the compressor runs in a power saving mode that results in upto 25% lesser power consumption.

Golden Fin Anti-Corrosion Nano Coating

The condenser of Godrej NXW inverter AC has special Gold Nano coating which provides an anti-rust coating and increases the life of the condenser.

The Gold Nano coating on the condenser makes it durable to all weather types and protects it from dust, rust and corrosion.